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Descaling Service

Descaling & Acid Cleaning For Boilers & Heat Exchanger

Lime scale and other mineral deposits form when steam boilers and heating and cooling systems are operated with hard water, resulting in a loss of energy and heat transfer efficiency. In the case of a steam boiler a scale build up can result in dangerous overheating and a risk of failure and even explosion.

Our descaling and boiler acid cleaning service uses a range of inhibited cleaning acids such as hydrochloric and sulphamic acid which are carefully matched to the system metallurgy and the nature of the scale.

  • Full cleaning and effluent disposal service
  • Boiler descaling and acid washing
  • Heat exchanger acid cleaning
  • Cooling water system descaling
  • Acid cleaning rig hire
  • Descaling chemical supply

Chemical Cleaning Service

Sometimes things go wrong and a water system becomes choked with scale, corrosion products or microbial fouling. Maxwell Corporation has vast experience in descaling and chemical cleaning techniques for industrial and commercial heating and cooling equipment.

We can analyse the deposit, identify the cause and devise a chemical cleaning solution to restore the system efficiency. Just as importantly, we can work with you to devise a treatment solution to prevent a recurrence.

Caustic Boil-out / Pre-operational alkaline cleaning for steam Boiler

During the manufacture of a steam boiler the internal surfaces become contaminated with mill-scale, welding slag, rust, oil, grease and other dirt and debris. If these aren’t removed and the metal surface adequately cleaned and passivated, corrosion and operational problems may result.

Our pre-operational alkaline cleaning or caustic boil-out service removes the contaminants, cleans and passivates the metal and prepares it for a long service life.

Descaling & Cleaning Chemical Supply

If you feel like doing it yourself we can supply you with a full range of easy to use cleaning and descaling chemicals complete with method statements. If you are specialist contractor with an on-going demand we can even put you own label on them.


Pre-Commission Cleaning & Renovation Cleaning of Heating & Chilled Water System

Modern closed circuit heating and cooling systems need pre-commission cleaning in order prepare the metal surfaces for passivation with corrosion inhibitor and to remove the suspended solids that might otherwise block close-tolerance control valves.

Our pre-commission cleaning service uses a range specially formulated non-acid cleaners, corrosion inhibitors and biocides to prepare the system for a long, trouble-free operational life.

Poor water treatment will result in older heating and cooling systems becoming choked with corrosion products reducing flow and efficiency. However, our renovation chemical cleaning service using safe, non-acid chemicals can restore flow and heat transfer to even the most heavily fouled systems.

  • Pre-commission cleaning service
  • Restoration cleaning for closed systems
  • Filters and cyclone separator supply
  • Supply of chemical cleaners, inhibitors and biocides

Notes and recommendations

Discussions with the site manager concluded that a closed system initially fed by clean water would be the best way forward to improve long term efficiency between cleans preventing the build up of solids within the system. Packing used in the cooling tower was that recommended by the tower manufacturer however with the high presence peat in the water it was discussed that the site should look into alternative packing to reduce fouling build up within the pack and therefore increase efficiency. Feedwater are well placed to help choose alternative designs and order in and replace the packing. The drift eliminator was promptly replaced shortly after the clean as it was found to be in a poor state coming to bits and sagging significantly.